Our Approach

Buffalo Commons uses a unique academic approach that blends rigorous, skill-based classroom instruction with creative problem-solving tasks that require students to use those skills to solve complex and authentic problems that impact our community. Through our core commitments, Buffalo Commons is helping students build the future, together.

Buffalo Commons' Core Commitments

Commitment to Diversity

Buffalo Commons knows that outcomes for children are best in learning environments that are diverse.  We will actively recruit students and faculty of all backgrounds, beliefs, and abilities. BCCS will represent the true diversity of Buffalo. 

Commitment to Rigorous Academics

Core Curriculum

Drawing on successful educational frameworks, Buffalo Commons creates curricula that holds students to the highest academic standards.  Our core classes prepare students to perform beyond the state and national standards at each grade level, with the long-term goal of preparing them for the complex work they will encounter at colleges and workplaces in the future. 

Data-Driven Instruction

At BCCS, we evaluate our success by tracking the progress of our students toward becoming skilled, engaged, and open-minded citizens.  We use quantitative and qualitative data to evaluate the performance of students in each of those domains.  From that data, we create personalized goals and strategies for improvement for each student. 

Commitment to Creative Problem-Solving

Each day students at Buffalo Commons are engaged in Innovations, our signature creative problem-solving course. This method of teaching and learning has been shown to be highly effective in raising students’ academic performance as well as their ability to work with others.  The course uses cutting-edge design thinking methods to engage students in the complex work of solving real-world problems.  In grades K-4, students build the skills of understanding a problem, finding and developing ideas, problem-solving, and collaboration.  In the middle school program, students use the formal design thinking process to tackle problems that are important to the communities in which they live.

Commitment to Individualized Instruction

BCCS welcomes all students and is committed to providing every student with the challenges and supports necessary to maximize their learning.  Our goal is to intimately understand each student’s strengths, areas for growth, and passions.  We offer small group support and enrichment for all students every day. Students with specific learning differences will have individualized supports in order to help ensure their success.

Commitment to Excellent Teaching

Excellent teaching is the cornerstone upon which a high-performing school is built. We are committed to recruiting, training, and retaining the best teachers. Consistent and differentiated professional development, alongside a school culture and structures that value professional collaboration, will ensure that BCCS teachers continue to grow and improve their practice throughout their tenure.  

Commitment to the Whole-Child

Buffalo Commons wants students to be well rounded.  We devote time each day to developing their academic, social-emotional, and physical well being.  Our school day includes time for mindfulness, creative expression, and physical activity.

Commitment to Family Partnerships

Buffalo Commons builds strong partnerships with families from the very beginning. Every new student to Buffalo Commons receives an in-person home visit from the school leader before even setting foot on campus.  Additionally, the school is committed to engaging families in meaningful ways throughout their time at BCCS.

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