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Our Approach

Buffalo Commons helps students develop a strong sense of values, identity, and purpose, and valuable experience working across lines of difference to unleash the potential within all individuals and communities.

There is no secret sauce, there is no magic bullet…

There are only sound techniques, creative, talented, and knowledgeable people, and hard work.

Excellence Means Everyone

Proven Curriculum

Our curriculum is demanding yet accessible, building content knowledge and critical-thinking, while providing windows and mirrors for students of all backgrounds.

Effective Instruction

Teacher teams execute timeless and relevant techniques that prioritize higher-order thinking and cultural responsiveness.

Use of Data

Frequent standards-based data at the school, cohort, class, subgroup, and student level provide a roadmap to excellence.

Learning with Purpose

Accomplishment-Based Curriculum

BCCS students learn beyond standards. Our curriculum includes project-based learning opportunities that are relevant for students and help develop their confidence and sense of purpose. 

Creative Problem Solving

Driven by our core values, our courses provide real-world, community-based, problem-solving experiences that link students with the shared goals of contributing to their community. 


Students working together toward shared goals can increase achievement and leadership skills and reduce racial bias. We develop collaboration skills through consistent partner and group work.

Humanity Toward Others

Core Values

We live out our core values in every decision we make. They connect us on the deepest levels.

Family Partners

We know that partnership with our families is essential to lasting success for students.

SEL Program

We support students in understanding their identity, values, and passions alongside one another, in community.

Investing in Teachers

Individualized Coaching

Teachers are coached weekly throughout the year. This individualized development meets teachers where they are.

Grade-Level Teams

Teachers meet weekly to focus on student needs and instructional practice.

Whole School Professional Development

We provide faculty ongoing, high-quality professional development to ensure student success.

Who Will Our Students Become?

BCCS students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but as graduates they’ll have some important things in common…

Exceptional Academic Skills

Teachers use timeless and relevant techniques to support students learning, to leverage core content, make meaning critically, and use their skills to creatively solve complex, real-world problems.

Strong Personal Values

BCCS students develop strong personal value systems by uncovering what matters most to them, learning to live in community with others, and learning to navigate differences in values.

A Sense of Purpose

BCCS students develop a sense of purpose by understanding their personal identity, embracing their strengths, discovering their interests, and matching those things to what our world needs.

Thrive in a Diverse World

Our students are being prepared for the 21st century by learning to practice cultural humility, developing inclusive relationships, and becoming advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion.

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