Buffalo Commons prepares a diverse community of students for successful and impactful lives by developing their academic, creative, and collaborative skills.

Designed by an experienced and committed team, Buffalo Commons intends to open its doors to kindergarten and fifth grade students in the fall of 2018.

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Our Students Will Be...


Each day students use the cutting-edge design thinking approach to tackle important problems that require critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.

Highly Skilled

Working with excellent teachers, students master the skills and concepts of each subject area, while also receiving tailored small-group instruction each day.


Buffalo Commons’ students know our diversity makes us stronger. We collaborate to solve problems that impact our community. We are building the future, together.

Buffalo Commons Core Commitments

Rigorous Academics

Our students are held to the highest academic standards in all subjects.  We use research-based teaching techniques to promote academic achievement.

Creative Problem-Solving

Every day our students use critical thinking, collaboration, and creative problem-solving methods to take on exciting projects and address important community issues.

A Diverse Student Body

Our students represent the diversity of our area. We know that academic outcomes improve for all students in diverse school settings. We are building the future, together.

Individualized Instruction

We tailor instruction to each student.  Daily small-group instruction ensures that children receive the support and enrichment they deserve.

A Whole-Child Approach

We want students to be well balanced.  Our students spend time each day in physical activity, artistic expression, and personal reflection.

Family Partnerships

We believe connections between home and school are vital for student success.  We work closely with families to support every student’s growth.

Facts and Figures

Buffalo Commons is dedicated to a diverse student body, excellent teaching, and a rigorous curriculum.

The Power of Diversity

All students in diverse school settings demonstrate improved learning and increased achievement. 

Rigorous and Engaging

Students who participate in rigorous courses early on are more likely to be successful in college.

Excellent Teaching

Students who are consistently paired with excellent teachers will earn an additional $325,000 over their careers.

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