Buffalo Commons opens its doors to K-1 students in the fall of 2021.

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Who Will Our Students Become?

BCCS Graduates come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but as graduates they’ll share some important things…

Exceptional Academic Skills

Teachers use timeless and relevant techniques to support students learn to leverage core content, make meaning critically, and use their skills to creatively solve complex, real-world problems.

Strong Personal Values

BCCS students develop strong personal value systems by uncovering what matters most to them, learning to live in community with others, and learning to navigate differences in values.

A Sense of Purpose

BCCS students develop a sense of purpose by understanding their personal identity, embracing their strengths, discovering their interests, and matching those things to what our world needs.

Ability to Thrive in a Diverse World

Our students are being prepared for the 21st century by learning to practice cultural humility, developing inclusive relationships, and becoming advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion.


Each day students use the cutting-edge design thinking approach to tackle important problems that require critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.

Highly Skilled

Working with excellent teachers, students master the skills and concepts of each subject area, while also receiving tailored small-group instruction each day.


Buffalo Commons’ students know our diversity makes us stronger. We collaborate to solve problems that impact our community. We are building the future, together.

Buffalo Commons' Core Commitments

Academic Success

We provide students with rigorous and engaging curriculum, excellent teachers and individualized instruction to prepare them for future success. 

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Creative Problem-Solving

Our Common Threads courses develop the creative problem-solving skills students need to tackle the toughest problems, and positively impact their community.

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Teamwork is one of the top skills required in today’s colleges and workplaces. We foster students’ collaborative skills to ensure their success. At BCCS we are building the future, together.

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Facts and Figures

Buffalo Commons develops students’ academic, creative, and collaborative skills to help them lead successful and impactful lives.

Rigorous from the Start

Students who participate in challenging courses early on are more likely to be successful in college and beyond.

Creativity Fosters Success

Students who develop better creative skills end up with increased personal and professional achievement. 

Collaboration Matters

Students that work together in diverse schools demonstrate improved learning and increased academic performance. 

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