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Buffalo Commons is a diverse learning community devoted to preparing students to succeed academically and professionally regardless of background and circumstance. Buffalo Commons students contribute to their communities and understand the importance of forming relationships across lines of difference.


Our founding team is led by Daniel Brink-Washington, a veteran teacher-leader with 15 years of experience in K-12 district, independent and charter schools in Brooklyn and Buffalo, New York. Notably Mr. Brink-Washington was a founding member of Brooklyn Propect Charter School where he served as Director of Student Support Services from 2009 – 2015. Recently, after three years working with Elmwood Village Charter School in Buffalo, Mr. Brink-Washington was awarded a highly competitive UnifiED Fellowship through the Diverse Charter School Coalition engaging in individualized leadership training, while visiting nationally recognized diverse-by-design schools, and serving as a Leadership Fellow at Elmwood Village Charter School. 

Mr. Brink-Washington and the founding Board of Trustees envision a school that has the power to bring our community together and change the life trajectories of our students.  Our founding team shares a belief that all students deserve a world-class education, and that integrated schools are better for everyone in every way.  

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