About Us

Developed by an experienced and passionate group of educators, professionals and community leaders, Buffalo Commons strives to be a model of educational excellence that makes a lasting impact on the lives of its students, faculty and staff.

Our History

Our founding team includes educators with proven records of excellence in teaching, curriculum development, school leadership, and teacher preparation.  We bring experience from high performing local institutions like the University of Buffalo, Elmwood Village Charter School, Charter School for Applied Technologies, and Tapestry Charter School, as well as at nationally recognized organizations like Brooklyn Prospect Charter School and Teach for America.   Collectively, we draw on a wealth of experience implementing the world’s leading academic programs including International Baccalaureate, Expeditionary Learning, and Responsive Classroom.

The team has come together because we want to build a school of the highest caliber for Buffalo area children.  We envision a school that has the power to bring our community together and change the life trajectories of our students.  Our founding team shares a belief that all students deserve a world-class education, and that integrated schools are better for everyone in every way.  

Buffalo Commons' Applicant Group

Our founding team brings excellence in their fields from local, regional, and national institutions.